Photos by Terry Morgan

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Market Square In Autumn


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Kinabalu Kids


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Beach Trader


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Cat Nap



The Photographer

Terry Morgan of TJM Shots

A passion for photography and a desire to live in the Cotswolds have fuelled a change in both my career and location.

I have been taking photographs for many years and have now made the transition from 35mm to digital SLR cameras. The themes for my photographs are usually images collected during trips overseas, but whether they are taken in the UK or abroad, and whether they are of the landscapes or the people; the intention has been to capture the prevailing atmosphere.


The Story

I have always had an interest in photography and in trying to record events people and places by taking pictures with a camera. My formal training and qualifications have all been in Civil Engineering and notably transportation planning and engineering. As a chartered engineer with over 30 years experience in traffic engineering, transportation planning and highway design, I have lead teams dealing with those aspects of development projects throughout the UK and Ireland

But the interest in photography could not be stifled by my work, and inevitably the desire to take photographs and to exhibit them became irresistible. Since August 2001 I have concentrated on turning my hobby, and a talent for photography, into a new career. I am proprietor of a new company, TJMServices of which tjmshots is part.


 I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society

 The photo "Italian Streetlife" is an exhibit in the 2009 RPS members exhibition.